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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


April 25, 2016 - Today the mail brought the long awaited big white envelop!!! Our mission call. Wow!!! We emailed our family to tell them we would be opening it that evening at 6:00 PM if anyone wanted to participate with us online.

Andrea, Randy, Jarrin and Sofia came to support us. Our friends David and Rebecca McInnis and their sons Aaron and Miles were here and our Bishop, Daniel Meaker.  David had offered to video the event. Bethany set up our video chat which allowed several of our children to be online with us and our grand daughter Tyla was on FaceTime.

And so our life as we knew it has changed with the contents of that white envelop.

Australia Sydney North PEF Self Reliance Center! Who would have guessed?! And not leaving until November 28!

On another day I will try to figure out how to link the video in case anyone wants to see it.

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