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Thursday, May 12, 2016

DETAILS of what's to come...

                                                            So, this is the official call.

Both of us got our own letter but the information is the same. We will be Perpetual Education Fund Self Reliance Missionaries. So we are busy learning what that means. But as I understand it we will be helping teach people the necessary skills to stand on their own both temporally and spiritually. The more we learn the more excited we get! What an amazing program that we get to participate in.

And here is where we will serve. It is just a small part of Australia as you can tell from the insert. But Sydney itself is a large city of about 4,500,000 people. As expected English is the spoken language but we will be learning a lot of new phrases. And they drive on the left side of the road down there. Not sure if we will be driving or using public transportation in our responsibilities.

We will enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on November 28, 2016 for a week of training in the Preach My Gospel manual. The next week we will spend 3 days of PEFSelf Reliance training and the Church Office Building after which we will be on our way.

We sent out our acceptance letter immediately and in a few days received further instructions and visa application forms.

There was also a phone call describing future events and then a packet of training materials for us to read  and learn. Lots to read - lots to learn and we love it!!!

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  1. that's awesome! what a great mission and opportunity to serve the Lord!!! :D we are very proud of you both!