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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fingerprints rejected AGAIN!!!!!

Well, another email this morning telling me , again, that my fingerprints were not acceptable!!! Not a happy way to start my day.

First we called the FBI and they said it would take 11-15 weeks to go through them and suggested we talk to the agency that rejected my fingerprints. We really do not want to wait 11-15 weeks before we can send off for our visas!!!

The nice lady who rejected my fingerprints told me they had selected the one copy[we sent 4] they thought was best. After some discussion she agreed to send the rest of the fingerprint sheets, one per day - for a fee each day, of course - with the hope that one of them might pass. So for the next 3 days she will try one at time. Tomorrow morning we should know what happened with today's effort.

Hopefully their scans will work. But if not we can go to one of their offices to have my fingerprints done and sent directly to the file. Sound like a good deal except that the closest office is in Sacramento, CA. It is helpful that our daughter, Jessica, works for JetBlue and we get parent benefits.

So, either my fingerprints will be accepted this week or we will make a quick trip to Sacramento next week.  Fun times!!!

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