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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rejected Fingerprints, driving records and living conditions

Yesterday I received an email telling me

"Your fingerprints have been successfully received by the FBI, but are unable to be processed. There are a small percentage of individuals in which the fingerprint image quality is very low.   An individual, by the nature of their work or age, may have very thin or worn ridges in the pattern area. If you wish to submit another set of fingerprints for processing, please follow the process below and include a money order or credit card form for the $10.00 fee."

Now Steve's fingerprints apparently were OK but I guess mine are 'special'.  So, I guess I will try again. It is just that we cannot apply for our visa until the FBI background checks have been completed and the fingerprints are part of the investigation.  Just hope the second go round will be more successful since timing is critical.

Our Mission President, President Checketts, also wrote us and asked us to send scanned copies of our driver's licenses and our driving records. We have obtained our driving records and thankfully we both have clear driving records. Apparently the speeding tickets I got a few years back has disappeared! Without a good driving record we would  not be allowed to drive in Australia.

And we know from correspondence with the Elder we will be replacing that we will be doing "a lot" of driving. 

"There is a distribution center here that you will walk by every day. 
The facilities here in Carlingford are wonderful. The Temple, the service center, our office, the apartments, all within one block. However, you will be driving and driving a lot.  the nearest chaple is 15 to 20 minutes away and it is in the South mission.  There are three chaples about 30 to 40 minutes away in the North Mission that you will most likely be attending. However, we seldom go to the same chaple two weeks in a row."

"Fuel is substantially more expensive but the car is efficient."

I guess we had better get our minds set to driving on the left side of the road. Those couple of weeks of driving during our time in Wales gave us a good preview. But maybe the roads in Australia are a little bit wider than those we drove on in Wales - we hope.

He also told us that we will live in an apartment right across the hall from our counterparts who are assigned to the Australia Sydney South Mission as PEFSelf-reliance missionaries. 

The Sister from that couple has also written a little about clothing. She said to be SURE that my shoes were comfortable and broken in before entering the MTC so I would not have sore feet. Also the clothing is more formal than casual so I won't likely have to worry about wearing suits. Of course Steve will wear suits but also slacks and white shirts.

Still working on our reading!!! Wow! the information is great. There is so much to study and learn. I am looking forward to working with people to help them improve their  lives. What a great privilege it will be.

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  1. What an amazing adventure and an awesome opportunity to serve the Lord. Our prayers will be with you and Steve on this journey.