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Friday, May 13, 2016

Applying for our VISA...

So applying for a Visa to stay in Australia from December 8, 2016 until October 28, 2018 is more complicated than one would expect. At least more complicated than I expected.

They want to check us out and make sure we have been law abiding citizens. We even had to sign a paper that attested to the fact that we had never been involved in human trafficking. We need a
Washington State Patrol Background check and an FBI Background check. Each of those background checks require our fingerprints.

I remember the time when we could just go down to the Police station and get our fingerprints when we needed them. Well no longer is that a possibility! Our local Blaine police station farms it out to a guy who charges a huge fee to do the honors. Our neighboring town would do it but required an appointment several days out. Our county Sheriff also farms it out. Fortunately, we have a friend in law enforcement who told us that if we did not get it done before he returned from a trip out of town he would come to our house with his portable finger printing kit and take care of us.

So early Monday morning May 9th we had  a fingerprinting house call.  We each needed 3 sets of prints.

Happily they were easily completed so we were able to send off the documents, and the fees, for the background checks. They should be back in a couple of weeks and then we can put those reports in with the actual Visa Application and send it off.

Apparently it is a lengthy process to get an Australian Visa. We hope that by sending off our application on May 10, 2016 we will get our visas back before it is time to leave.

Our next task is to read, and read and study the materials we have been sent. This PEF Self Reliance Program is amazing. We are so excited to be a part of the process.

And now I have caught up all the details. From now on I will update as we learn and do more.

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