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Thursday, February 9, 2017


We are actually packing our suitcases today!!! Four check through suitcases to weigh 50 lbs or less, 2 carry-ons and our backpacks which will serve as our personal items. Do you think we can make it? And very important do you think everything will make it to Sydney without being lost or misdirected?
trying to pack through the mess!

I can hardly believe that we have been gathering our wardrobes for over 9 months! Lots of shopping trying to find just the right items in the right size and quantity. And then there are all the little things we do not know if we can live without. Do we have too much of certain things or not enough of others? So, now we are at that point where it all has to fit into our luggage and our weight limits. And there are stores in Australia if we find there is something we have forgotten. So...

The weather has been so cold and WINTERY the past few days. Schools have been closed all week, roads have been covered with snow drifts not to mention the freezing rain. Yet as I sit and write this at 6 PM Thursday evening it is 102 degrees hot in Sydney at 1 PM Friday afternoon. Wow! I wonder if we will be able to breath when we get there. I definitely will not have to worry about my coat!!

We did have one lovely day this week with clear skies and sunshine. After bundling up we took a little time for a walk to enjoy the beauties of nature. Trees and grasses were covered with ice. When the sun shone on them we were treated to nature's jewels. What a treat!

our hike in the back field

nature's jewels 

So just four more sleeps and we are off to begin our adventures. First stop Salt Lake City to visit family. It is all surreal but I guess we are really going.


  1. We were in Eugene a few weeks ago after they had had an ice storm. It probably wouldn't have been fun to be there for the event as thousands lost power but the day we were there the sun was shining and we were definitely treated to nature's jewels. Beautiful! So glad things are finally working out for you. I'm sure you'll both be great! Love you SO MUCH, both of you. You're the best!

  2. Those are beautiful photos of "natures jewels"! You guys have a great time! I know you will be great missionaries. After all, you are a Jenkins! :-)