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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


How is it possible for time to fly and drag at the same time?! These past few days have flown by with so much going on and yet at the same time it seems to be taking forever until we are actually leaving. But I am also in a state of disbelief that we are actually going to leave on our mission. There have been so many road blocks and sometimes it seems that as soon as one is removed another takes its place. But I guess that is the nature of opposition. And we will survive!

For the past few days Steve has been fighting a cold/flu issue. Not fun for him and I am really hoping I am not next. Lots of airborne, mucinex, fluids, etc, etc and a blessing and he is improving. We had to cancel some things so we did not share but missed seeing our friends.

Prior to Steve getting sick we were able to take a short trip to Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Hanging out with Sasquatch
with our daughter and her family. We enjoyed our time on a short hike to see Bridal Veil Falls. Water features in nature are so fantastic! We hadn't been swimming in warm pools when the outside air was just above freezing. So relaxing! But chilly getting back to our room.

 Even though it was just a short trip it was nice to get away  for just a little while. The scenery was beautiful which always makes me want to break out my camera.

It was also our 50th or Golden Wedding Anniversary last Wednesday. We never expected to be stateside for our anniversary, expecting to celebrate "down under". But we were still here. We connected with each of our children which is always awesome but did not get together. We decided it would be nice to spend some time in the temple since that is where we began our journey together. Since we were not in Utah and able to go to the Salt Lake Temple we went to the Vancouver Temple. Different building but the same feeling inside. What a delight! We are so grateful for the Plan of Salvation which provides the way for us to be together forever. Now we will begin our next 50 years as we soon leave on our mission.

Outside of the Vancouver B.C. Temple

And WE HAVE OUR TICKETS TO SYDNEY!!! We will fly to  Salt Lake City on February 13 and have a few days to spend with our family- really looking forward to that time to connect and reconnect. Then we will enter the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on February 20 for a week of training. The next week we will spend 3 days training in the Self Reliance Office of the Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then on Thursday March 2 we will fly first to Los Angeles and then to Sydney. During our 15 hour flight we lose Friday due to the time change and will begin our Australian adventure as we arrive in Sydney on March 4!!!

So, there are amazingly still a lot of loose ends we need to tie up in the next 11-12 days But we really are leaving soon!!

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  1. How and I are very excited for the two of you! We still reflect on the amazing affect the Spirit had on us while in the MTC, and the spiritual growth and blessings our family received we had while on our mission in Russia.
    God bless you both. Were looking forward in hearing and reading more of your adventure down under!
    We love you both very much.
    Joe and Jeanie Luna