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Monday, May 1, 2017


This was a cockatoo morning! Every morning around 7 AM a flock of about 4 dozen cockatoos make their way across the neighborhood and eventually fly as a flock to the north. Today they seemed to focus on our space. They were flying above us and must have been on the deck one floor up. And the trees across the street were full of them. Then they were gone as quickly as they came.
just across the street.

I am fascinated by them but apparently they can be kind of pesty because they like to chew on the branches of the trees they sit in until they chew through the branches. So there is always a trail of broken branches on the ground. And they sound like quarreling children or very noisy seagulls.

This whole area is just so beautiful, the trees, the birds, the skies! What a tender mercy for me that we have been assigned to serve in such a lovely place. It just feeds my soul when I see such beauty.
flying right off of our balcony

As usual we have had a busy week. We love teaching our missionaries and love them. Today is actually transfer day so many of them may be moving to another area. We will see who is there tomorrow and who will be new. We get so attached to these special young people and love our interaction with them. They come from many nations and all walks of life as they have set aside their personal goals for 2 years to serve the Lord at their own expense. It is really a miracle to see them at work as they learn and grow and encourage each other to be their best selves and to find those who are ready and willing to learn of Jesus Christ and His plan of Salvation.

Our car was having hiccup problems as we drove on the  freeway. It turned out to be a warrantee issue with something in one of the transmission lines. But all is well and we have our wheels back. It was nice to have the use of one of  the fleet cars  while we were waiting because our schedule did not slow at all.

When I got my haircut the other day I had the great experience of speaking with my hairdresser about the concept of Eternal marriage and how families could be together forever. It was a new concept for her and she was very interested. She also was interested in family history so I was able to drop by a little My Family Booklet which has space for her information and pictures. She was very happy to have it.

Friday we rode the train to Sydney and were met by a missionary couple at the station who helped us get on the next line and then to the doctor's office which really is only a 5 minute walk from he last stop. No $90 parking this time round!

We met the surgeon who examined Elder Jenkins' eye and indicated he needed to go ahead with the surgery. So, the date is set for 8 May in the afternoon. We feel comfortable with the surgeon and have been very impressed with the overall health care we have received here. We expect all will go well and our Senior Missionary friends will give him a Priesthood blessing on Sunday night prior to the surgery. The surgery is called a trabeculectomy which is intended to reduce the eye pressure which is the problem with glaucoma because it is destroying his sight in his left eye.

Hyde Park is right near the doctor so we walked through it on our way to meet up with our friends. I LOVE the park. I could spend hours there just enjoying the nature and ambience.

Saturday we were privileged to attend a graduation for 10 Pathways students. Pathways is a program which has been sponsored by BYUI and allows people to begin their path to a college degree in a unique way.  We heard from each of the 10 graduates at the ceremony. They recounted their struggles as they worked to complete the 4 required classes in the past year which qualify them to continue their studies online. They had each overcome serious challenges but managed to make it through as they supported each other. A single mother with 7 children who is trying to put herself in a better position to support her family was one of many amazing women.

Lots of administration work, meetings, an evening in the temple and then dinner with other senior missionaries and just lots of stuff and another week has passed. Running out of time this morning so most of the pictures are at the end.
fountain in Hyde Park
in Hyde Park

saw this guy while waiting for a meeting
at Greenwich one evening

incredible color

can't get enough of these skies!

we have a hot chocolate machine in the lobby of our office

One cockatoo had a treat which the others wanted - a scuffle ensued

Pathways graduates beginning their musical number
near Yellomundee overlook

beautiful homestead!

Yellomundee Regional Park

Us, visiting the overlook after our Sunday meeting in Richmond


We work with an amazing group of senior missionaries
and it was very good Chinese!

Beautiful Sydney buildings

Building on the left is 27 stories tall. The Church owns the 1st and 2nd floors and 9 parking spaces
in this building. The Chapel is on the 2nd floor where church services
are held for the Young Single Adults who live in the area. The other space is for classes, and a gathering place.
There are many universities or "unis" as they are called here which accounts for so many students.

flowers on top of 27th floor

more flowers on top of 27th floor

Here we are at the top of the 27th floor
with Sydney harbour behind us

Birds of Paradise - 27th floor

Wonderful Hyde Park!


  1. Prayers that Elder Steve's surgery goes well! That's great that you are even teaching your hairdresser! I knew you guys would be great missionaries.

  2. Love your blog! Nice photos too. Our prayers added to so many others for Steve and his surgery.