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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Packing is NOT for wimps....

It really isn't! and I feel like a wimp!

Yes I have reached the point where sorting is no longer a viable option. My dream of having everything neatly packed together with like items is quickly fading. In fact our mountain of boxes contains a few boxes with rather odd combinations of items. The only good part, besides the fact that the boxes are getting filled, is that I am labelling them very well so we will actually know what is in the boxes.

It will be some crazy party when we unpack in 2 years! Wow!

We are still surrounded by empty boxes and will actually have more than we need to finish our packing. So may people have generously saved boxes for us. We also found out that our local U-Haul store has a recycle bin where people can put their used boxes for those who need them. We have been happy recipients of several great and otherwise expensive  boxes from them. But it is still expensive to pack. We have spent over $500 buying packing supplies: tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, file boxes, other big boxes, etc. I can't believe how quickly it adds up. We are so grateful for everyone who saved boxes. That has saved us so much money!

I am optimistic that by the time we are finished packing on Saturday pretty much everything will be packed. That will leave the next week or so  to go through journals, sort some pictures and take some things to the safety deposit box, work on closing accounts and changing addresses, shampoo carpets and get the house cleaned and ready for the renters to move in.

Then we will have some time for more study of our self-reliance materials. One would think we could do more studying in the evening after we were finished our day's packing but it seems our energy is long gone by that time of day.

It is really crazy to think that we are actually leaving. We are actually leaving the country for TWO years! In less than 2 weeks we will no longer be sleeping in our house. We will be living out of suitcases first at our daughter's in Everson  and then at our son's in Salt Lake City and then in the Mission Training Center for a few days before we fly to Sydney on December 8. We fly from Salt Lake City to LAX Thursday evening at 8:30 PM and then to Sydney where we arrive Saturday morning. We lose a day in the process. The first leg is only 2 hours but the leg to Sydney is 15 hours!!!

Thank goodness for compression socks and the chance to walk up and down the aisle from time to time. And our flight will be at night so we may actually be able to sleep. And it will be summer when we arrive in Sydney. Since it is rainy and dreary here today that sounds pretty nice.

We are excited, and intimidated, about serving in this mission capacity. We are grateful the Lord has enough faith in us to give us this opportunity. But we know that there is no way we can do it alone and look forward to the blessing we will be given as we are set apart by our Stake President on November 20. We know that with the Lord's help we will be able to do what is required of us.

It is humbling to realize how much the Lord loves all His people.

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