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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"No Record of Arrests" and the Aged Visitor Health Check

The FBI reports came back to show that I passed - no record of arrests. That is reassuring since I have never been arrested. Then as we scrambled to send in our visa application we learned that there was one other form we needed to submit.

Apparently the Australian government wants to know if anyone over 70 years old is well enough to be in the country. Hence the "Aged Visitor Health Check" form. Yep, Steve is 70 and they want to know things like:

Does the applicant require assistance in day-to-day living?

Is mobility limited by shortness of breath, joint pain or musculoskeletal problems?

Do you consider the applicant will stay fit enough to undertake the long, unaccompanied and unassisted journey home?

And the doctor had  to certify that Steve was really Steve by "writing across the top of photo and running onto the page that this was a true liking"

See, he really is him :)

So we finally got all of our papers gathered and took the completed visa application to the Post Office to get it mailed. It should arrive in Salt Lake on Friday so the process can begin. Here is our sweet post office lady who is always to cheerful when she helps us.  

We were told that "no news is good news" regarding the issuing of our visa. We do not expect to see it until we are in the Mission Training Center as it can only be issued for 24 months. So, now we wait - again.  

And while we wait there is so much to learn! We have a very long list of readings to read and videos to watch to help us learn more about how the Self Reliance program works to help people lift themselves to a better temporal level. And how spiritual self reliance works hand in hard with temporarily successful living. We are trying to read a little each day and work our way through the videos. I am constantly amazed at the information I am learning! Wow! I look forward to working with people in this amazing program.

We are still trying to get our house packed up for storage. What a job! What do we want to keep enough to put it into storage for 2 years? It is almost like we have to interview every book and item to see if it is worth holding onto. I mean who knows what we will really want after we have been gone for 2 years? We are gathering boxes. We gave away a bed so now we have room in one of the bedrooms to stack boxes as they are packed. I think we have 6 boxes in there so far.

As Steve says "we make our plans and then life happens". There always seems to be so much of "life" going on. We are beginning to realize the Lord's wisdom in setting our reporting date in November instead of August when we had indicated we could be available. As always the Lord knows what we need. And knowing that I have to believe we actually will get everything packed and be ready regardless of what else is going on. :)

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